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Case Study - Christiansson-Studios

Market research :
A filmmaker’s position in
web marketing films

Market research conducted by David Christiansson based on interviews with 15 international corporate entrepreneurs.

Five questions centering on the topic “why make web marketing films”?

1.Why make web marketing films for your company and your products?

2.What do you look for in a web marketing film?

3.What are your expectations and whom will you reach by using web marketing films?

4.How will that grow your business?

5.What do you think a talented filmmaker can add to a web marketing film?

From the results, we reached several conclusions:

1.Which qualities can a filmmaker add to a web marketing film?

  • Great strength in combining film with storytelling
  • Connect with the viewers at an emotional level to trigger their interest in the company’s brand and product
  • Understand what the viewer will imagine and how s/he will follow the film
  • Make a difference – “big ideas with small budgets”
  • The filmmaker knows how to underline important key points to bring out a message.

2.What do you look for in a web marketing film?

The film has to:

  • Be short and concise
  • Bring out the key points
  • Include a visual hook that catches the viewer’s attention and involves them from the beginning
  • Show what cannot be explained by text, phone or email

3.Conclusions on market value via web marketing films

  • With the rise of viral marketing, there is huge potential to rapidly develop networked communities that increase brand awareness.
  • With people watching films on their smartphones, tablets and other digital devices, advertisers can reach people around the world.
  • With digital marketing, advertisers can rapidly reach local targeted audiences.
  • No cost for distribution and airtime

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