David Christiansson :

Founder, Director and Filmmaker

Passionate about movies and filmmaking, David graduated in 2012 from the New York Film Academy in New York, where he worked with several teams on short films and experimented with different team roles. You can find his thesis on the « Short Films » page. Following graduation, he spent an additional year in New York and New Mexico in order to continue developing his skills.

David honed the following skills while studying at the
New York Film Academy:

  • The process of building an idea into a story
  • Writing a script
  • Casting
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Filming
  • Video and sound editing
  • Managing a film production crew from A-Z involving up to 15 people, including logistics, crew, artists, props, transportation, etc.

In April 2014, David finished a market research case study in Switzerland that he called « a filmmaker’s position in web-marketing films ». He interviewed 15 international corporate entrepreneurs who use web-marketing films to promote their company and its services.

To find out more about the research visit the « Case Study » page.

David currently focuses on web-marketing films. You can click on the « Web Marketing Films » page to learn more about this service and where you can watch some of the films we made in this area.

David is also looking to partner with other filmmakers to make short and feature films to submit to festivals and then secure distribution.

When he is not filming (and even when he is !) David loves to travel.


Other jobs:


Background Extra
(July 2013)
New Mexico, USA

The Skeleton Twins Movie, Sunshine Twins Inc.

Production Office and Post Production Intern
(November-December 2012)
New York, USA

Atlantide Wellness Center S.A

Fitness Instructor
(October 2010- July 2011)
Gland, Switzerland

Keops Club Fitness S.A

Fitness Instructor
(October 2007- March 2010)
Lausanne, Switzerland


Advisory board :

A group of international entrepreneurs who helped David conduct his market research and advise him on his business.

Their profile (position):

  • International entrepreneur with MPS in media and technology
  • Director of advertising sales at a newspaper
  • User-experience consultant with MBA in management of technology
  • US entrepreneur with PhD in behavioral physiology
  • International entrepreneur in corporate health training and intelligent MobileHealth devices
  • Swiss entrepreneur in nutritional supplement products
  • Swiss sports scientist and international sports trainer
  • Entrepreneur in medical MobilHealth devices with PhD in electronic engineering
  • Entrepreneur, pharmacist, MBA and director of a pharmacy
  • Fitness manager
  • Professor in media communication and technology
  • International marketing and sales expert
  • International HR consultant
  • Director of international online sales company of MobileHealth products, Director of corporate health services