Short films

We make short films which can be used to submit to festivals, share with your friends and even which you can send to a producer to get funding for your bigger projects.

You were probably thinking of that purpose, didn’t you? Or other reasons, perhaps.

Here is a short presentation of David Christiansson, the film director of Christiansson-Studios. Please feel free to check out our company’s history to know more.

Passionate about movies and filmmaking, David graduated in 2012 from the New York Film Academy in New York, where he worked with several teams on short films and experimented with different team roles.

Watch his Thesis on the video player below.




    Following graduation, David spent an additional year in New York and New Mexico in order to continue developing his skills.

    David honed the following skills while studying at the
    New York Film Academy:

    • The process of building an idea into a story
    • Writing a script
    • Casting
    • Producing
    • Directing
    • Filming
    • Video and sound editing
    • Managing a film production crew from A-Z involving up to 15 people, including logistics, crew, artists, props, transportation, etc.  

    What do you get when hiring us?

    When you hire us to create your film, we come to you and discuss with you on the several preparation phases before filming (idea and development, and, pre-production). We then film according to the production schedule, edit and send you your final film. 

    The project will be split into five different film development categories conducted over a period of days depending on the size of your project, during which collaboration with you is recommended to optimize the final outcome.

    You are 100% involved to optimize productivity and successful completion of your film.

    These categories include the following services:

    • Idea and development:
      • Outline of project plan, research, your idea from scratch into a story, script and story features
    • Pre-production:
      • Storyboards, film shots
      • Producing: location scouting, shot lists, floor plans, casting the right actors, props lists, catering, production schedules, call sheets and hard copy
    • Production:
      • Video and sound recording according to the production schedules, directing, light and grip setups
    • Post-production:
      • View and selection of footage, video and sound editing, refinement of image composition, film continuity, soundtrack, review and final adjustments
    • Final delivery:
      • Publication on your website, distribution channels, social media, DVD and/or marketing campaign

    Equipment included:

    • Professional Camera and Drone
    • Sound Microphone and Lavalier Microphone
    • Tripod
    • Lights Gear
    • Film Slate
    • Computer
    • Storage Devices and Memory Cards
    • Editing Softwares

    All use of our equipment and basic material is included in our quote.

    Price: CHF 150.- hourly rates

    Contact us below to get started and ask us for more information if necessary.

    We remain at your disposal for any further information.

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