We make websites for businesses, organizations and corporations to promote their activities and products. A website is a hip advertising mechanism.

Going through a website is like watching a story unfold. Tell a story, pull out key concepts and back them up. 

Including a story connects your website better with your viewer on an emotional and intellectual level. After all, stories and emotions are what moves us to take action.

You need to know exactly what the website is about, so the people can start exploring and getting to know what the concept is. What does it do? Why is it different?

We develop your website for your company in a format that:

  • Presents the product
  • Provides credibility to your work
  • Walks the visitor through your website as easy and smooth as possible, friction-free and user-friendly.
  • Converts visitors into buyers
  • Shows content with web marketing films, pictures and icons related to the product and/or message.
  • Attracts the market you want and makes the website understandable to this market so it wants to buy from you and work with you.
  • Shows to the visitor how your product can help solve their problem


What do you get when hiring us?

When you hire us to create your website, we come to you and discuss with you on the several preparation phases and scope of work (SOW). We then do the work according to the SOW.

The project will be split into five different film development categories conducted over a period of days depending on the size of your project, during which collaboration with you is recommended to optimize the final outcome.

You are 100% involved to optimize productivity and successful completion of your website.


These categories include the following services:

  • Idea and development:
    • Outline of project plan, research, your idea from scratch
  • Your website also includes:
    • a blog and articles
    • testimonials
    • your team members and their bio
    • questions and answers
    • social media
    • e-shop (woocommerce)
  • Define the Objective, goal of the website, layout

    use user-friendly pictures and icons related to the product or messages or objective

    clickable link to walk the visitor through the website, make the user journey as easy and smooth as possible, friction-free, user-friendly

    introduce and show the product or company, etc through web-marketing videos

    know the market which your company wants to attract and make the website understandable to this market so it wants to buy from you, work with you

    the website shows to the visitor how your product can help them solve their problem 


    1. Define clearly the business case!
      1. Concept
      2. Structure
      3. Website template, hosting provider, developer of code, content management and SEO
      4. Content, articles and blog
      5. Project management
    2. What we need to accomplish to achieve TalisLife Website business case.


    1. Structure the SOW in sprints
      1. Define each point
      2. Time plane
      3. Budget
      4. Risks or delays


    1. Time plan d
    1. Overall film script
    2. Confirm with partners
    • Pull it all together
    1. Proofreading and testing


    1. Weekly sprint checks

    Develop the new website for “TalisLife” in a format that

    • Present the product
    • Provide credibility to our work
    • Production of web marketing films
    • Coordinate and manage the project with third parties involved – each partner shall have a clear written assignment, expectations to what shall be delivered and to what cost.
    • Provide a weekly plan timesheet according sow
  • Final delivery:
    • Your website goes live, marketing campaign
  • Website integration is a 2 days work– the invoice us 125.-/hr – 160.-/hr – ruffly – 2’000.-
  • Film products – 2 min
  • Travel cost by train or car billed in addition.
    • Complete the film with editing, voice over and music. Voice over is done by a professional person
    • We can do your website in English and french.

David’s work for website + 2 films : CHF 5’000.- + 1’300.- = 6’500.-

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